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Now Available: Seducing Velasquez and Other Plays by Dayana Stetco PDF Print E-mail

Ahadada Books is pleased to announce the publication of Seducing Velasquez and Other Plays by Dayana Stetco. This title will be available shortly from Small Press Distribution, in better bookstores and is now available direct from the publisher.

Dayana Stetco’s plays have been produced in her native country, Romania, the US and the UK. In 2001 she founded the interdisciplinary physical theatre ensemble, The Milena Group. Her fiction has appeared in various journals including The Means, Emergency Almanac, mark(s), Interdisciplinary Humanities, Metrotimes, Gender(f), and Dispatch. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she teaches Creative Writing, Literature and Film.

Seducing Velasquez is a collection of nervy, impish, unconventional dramatic works that draw their strength from Stetco’s rigorous investigations into the connection between verbal, visual, and physical languages from the innovative performance traditions associated with the author’s native Romania. These plays are witty and marvellous, in the mode of the best absurdist art, and are welcome interventions into the American theatre scene

            —Carla Harryman

On the stage, Dayana Stetco’s plays are so lush with colour and texture as to seem very nearly a visual art; there is an attention to movement and detail that can make even a torture scene seem like the highest ballet. As such, it is hard to believe these plays would have as strong an impact on the page; yet, every play in this collection carries over the saturation, menace, and beauty they present on the stage,. Even as each piece works spectacularly alone, audiences with a little cultural knowledge or literary awareness will find woven throughout a brilliant interplay—of theory, philosophy, literature, history, and more. One finds the Pinteresque, the 21st century. While the character of Graham in Milena, Stripping defensively claims “Come things are not meant to be analyzed,” Stetco’s plays are exciting and powerful theatre (and literature) whether the audience wants to analyze all the dense layers or simply sit back and enjoy the experience.

            —Rita Costello


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