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Glass, Jesse
9 Jan 2005
Ahadada Books



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Ahadada Books is pleased to present The Witness: Slavery in 19th Century Carroll County, Maryland compiled and edited by Jesse Glass.

This book is a guide to the subject of slavery in Carroll County, Maryland as reflected in the antebellum newspapers published in Westminster, the county seat. The first section presents a miscellany of full newspaper accounts regarding the "Peculiar Institution." The second part consists of the trial records of Rebecca McCormick, the first person to be executed in Carroll County. These records were pieced together by the author from both the American Sentinel and the Carroll County Democrat. The third, and most extensive, section offers a series of abstracts of international, national, and local articles on slavery culled from 19th century Carroll County newspapers. Some cases of domestic violence are also documented in this book. Meant to be a platform for future research, The Witness not only is a key to the newspaper holdings at the Historical Society of Carroll County, and to a lesser extent the Maryland State Archives, but is an interesting read in and of itself. The appended list of names will make this book an invaluable tool for historians and genealogists alike.

Praise for Glass's previous collection, Carroll County Newspaper Wars; Know-Nothings, Alms House Scandals and the Death of a Civil-War Editor:

"[Carroll County Newspaper Wars] is an important contribution to our knowledge of Maryland local history that opens a window on the usefulness of local newspapers as historical sources..."
óDouglas P. McElrath Curator, Marylandia & Rare Books The University of Maryland Libraries

Jesse Glass, a former resident of Carroll County, holds advanced degrees in English from The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He currently teaches American Literature in the undergraduate and graduate schools at Meikai (Bright Sea) University, Shin-Urayasu, Japan.

Warning! Disturbing content!

The documents in this book reflect the prejudices of 19th century America and should be read with that context in mind. Neither the Historical Society of Carroll County, Maryland nor the compiler/editor advocate the views expressed in this material.

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